Support The Author

As a self-published author, James funds his own publishing business with the royalties he makes from his book sales. Since he began writing in 2013, he has built a strong, dedicated audience of readers and found modest success with his novels, which have been downloaded almost half a million times.

But being an indie creator is one of the hardest ways to make a living. To make any money, let alone enough to support your loved ones, from creating original content is difficult, and not without its unique challenges. People like James also have to rely on the support and goodwill of their fan base to help them continue doing what they love.


One way you can show your support is by opting to purchase books from James' own online store, ensuring more of the royalties find their way back to the author. Another is by spreading the word about his work to your friends and family, interacting with social media posts, and sharing any advertisements you might see. These things costs nothing, but have an incredible impact on his business.

Below are a couple of other ways you can support James' writing, and show him your appreciation for the hard work and dedication he puts into each novel he writes. These gestures are small and cost very little, but they make a huge difference to him, and are greatly appreciated.

Patreon is a platform that allows supporters to sponsor their favourite artists, authors, and creators each month, in exchange for amazing rewards!

If you pledge a minimum of $1 per month, you will receive a free digital copy of every new release for as long as you remain a patron! You're welcome to pledge more if you wish - it's entirely up to you what you feel the scheme is worth.

This is a great way to offer a small gesture that would make a big difference!

Alternatively, if a monthly commitment is too much, you can always buy James a digital coffee! This is a small, one-off gesture that you can make whenever you want to show your appreciation or offer moral support. This is the perfect thank you, and one James is very grateful for!

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