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Meet Adrian Hell.


An unorthodox assassin with a legendary reputation, and a dark sense of humor.

From the unforgiving deserts of Nevada, to the rain-soaked streets of Pennsylvania, he travels North America, running from the past that haunts him. But he always seems to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time...


Luckily, being a bad guy makes him the perfect hero!

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You can download the first book in the series, True Conviction, for free. With over 500 five-star reviews, and 250,000 downloads to date, my debut novel is arguably the most loved of the series. It costs you nothing, so why not give me the chance to convince you my books are worth a read, with no risk on your part?

The world's most feared assassin. A contract where nothing is as it seems.

Adrian Hell, an unorthodox, yet deadly, gun-for-hire, takes a job in Heaven's Valley, Nevada. A local crime family wants to send a message by killing a businessman who has gone back on a deal, costing the mob boss millions of dollars. But when Adrian arrives and tracks down his target, he quickly discovers a much larger threat looming in the shadows, and it isn't long before he finds himself in the crosshairs of multiple adversaries.


With help from his best friend, Josh Winters, he uses his skills to learn more about the other players in this dangerous game. But when the stakes are raised, he’s pushed beyond his limits as he fights to prevent a terrorist attack that would act as a catalyst for another world war.


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