Series: The Warlock Prophecies, Book 1

A prophecy lost to time. A boy destined for greatness.

Dominic Devane is a quiet high school kid whose life is turned upside down when he learns his mother is a powerful witch. She helps awaken his soul, so he can attune himself to mana, the magical energy force that created and sustains the universe. But soon after his awakening, tragedy strikes, and Dominic is left alone and afraid in a world he doesn't understand.

Under the guidance of an old family friend, Dominic begins learning about the world he's now a part of and the powers he now controls. He also meets Autumn, a young witch on the same journey of self-discovery, with whom he quickly becomes friends. But his studies uncover a ancient secret - a long-forgotten prophecy that could bring about the end of existence!


Haunted by visions and hunted by powerful enemies, Dominic must embrace his potential, conquer his fear, and become the warlock he is destined to be.


This series is aimed at young adults, but can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. It contains mild fantasy violence.

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