Series: GlobaTech, Book 1

In the wake of a devastating terrorist attack, the world is broken. Entire nations have been reduced to dust. GlobaTech Industries, the world’s leading private military contractor, is using its near-limitless resources on behalf of the U.N. to establish order and bring aid to the affected population.


Jericho Stone, a career soldier and government operative, is betrayed and left for dead by the people he works for. Now, unsure of his place in a chaotic new world, he’s given a chance to help stop the people responsible by allies of a rogue assassin named Adrian Hell.


But when his past collides with his present, Jericho is torn between his mission and his thirst for revenge.


Set between the events of the bestselling novels Deadly Intent and A Necessary Kill, James P. Sumner delivers another gripping, action-packed thriller that will leave you breathless until the very last page!

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